What is the Zanoo Test Engagement Framework: A suite of a pre-defined test governance rules, processes, tools and deliverables that are tailored to client’s specific requirements and priorities. It has been born out of our experiences gained by working with multiple start-up companies. We stood back to assess exactly what clients need to be able to stand up a testing function with ease and vigour. We know that clients work in different ways and with different suppliers. So our testing framework is  generic making it flexible and scalable. It is a solution designed to work across all teams and stakeholders, from developers to business users, project managers to business analysts.

How does it work: The framework is deployed at the start of a client engagement and the implementation activities are worked on in parallel, thus saving time on it’s implementation. How do we do this, well it doesn’t have a start to finish dependency so the existing test scripts are enhanced for client specific requirements while the governance and processes are embedded with project teams and suppliers.

What are the benefits: we remove the testing misconceptions and add value and work to mitigate risks of engaging testing later in projects to save costs. We ensure our clients implement their technology solutions with high quality, delivering on MVP with no compromises. It enables the staging of test resource involvement so that clients don’t burn money by having testers on projects with nothing to do. We can onboard and stand down resources in and out of the project at the right time and we hold the responsibility of  keeping our teams updated so they are ready to pick up where they left off when they rejoin the project.

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